Yoga at At Heritage Institute of Technology

21/06/2022 13:16:12 PM   Sportsdeewana         1593

As per the recent study conducted by NIMHANS, Bengaluru, nearly one out of five adolescents in India suffers from a certain level of mental morbidity. Adolescents today show indications of risky behavior such as substance abuse and speed driving. Students today have also been facing the problem of ‘performance pressure’ which has been driving them to take disastrous steps like suicide. NCRB data displays that of the total 1,53,052 persons who died by committing suicide in 2020, an alarming 12,526 were students.

Yoga helps to ensure the physical and mental well-being of students. Encouraging students to practice yoga in the early hours, won’t just help them build immunity, but will also help them build a deep focus in life. Researchers suggest that yoga greatly influences the neural patterns in the brain, which can improve one’s ability to concentrate. Children today also suffer from ADHD, a cognitive disorder, which often results in uncomforting anxiety, persistent stress, and sleep problems. Such disorders also have an extensive impact on the relationship between the parent and child. Practicing yoga helps in increasing the levels of dopamine and serotonin, which helps one relax.

At Heritage Group of Institutions, Kolkata, Yoga is an important part of the curriculum. At Heritage Institute of Technology, a separate Yoga Club is functioning which offers in-depth training to the students in Yoga and helps them to fight the regular stress coming from various sources.

The Heritage School from day one imbibed yoga as an important part of the curriculum. On 21st June 2022, to celebrate International Yoga Day both The Heritage School and Heritage Institute of Technology organized a Yoga session within the campus where around 1000 students actively participated both in online and offline mode. In The Heritage School, Mr. Vivek Dinodia, a Hath Yogi from Isha Yoga Foundation addressed the students as the Chief Guest for the session. Yoga teachers of the School, Mr. Sanatan Mahakud, Mr. Animesh Panda, and Ms. Ila Khandelia also guided the students during the session.

Also, the students of Heritage Institute of Technology watched eagerly our Honourable Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi's Live session of the mass Yoga event from Mysuru, Karnataka. Dr. Souvik Basu, Associate Professor, Department of Computer Applications, Heritage Institute of Technology, and Dr. Banhishikha Bhattacharyya, Students Counselor, Heritage Institute coordinated the entire event from the college making this yoga session successful.