Elvis Ali Hazarika of Guwahati has set a record in the field of swimming today.

23/11/2021 16:56:34 PM   Rajan Kumar Singh         288


Elvis Ali Hazarika from Guwahati has set a record today, as he becomes the first Assamese to successfully swim from Dharamtar Jetty to the Gateway Of India-Arabian Sea.

The swim took 10 hours to complete, which started at midnight, 1:00 AM.

"This is a dream come true...", says Hazarika; thanking the Maharashtra Swimming Association for their support.

Lakhya Konwar, Vice-President of the Sports Authority of Assam, congratulating Hazarika, says, "Assam is Proud of You (Elvis)."

Sharing his experience, Hazarika also added that the swim was an extremely tiring one. And that they swam across pretty big-sized fishes and through the darkness of the night.

Many many congratulations to the Legend Elvis Ali Hazarika from sportsdeewana. 

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