What About Sports Deewana

Today, most of the sports catches more eyeballs in the country than it did four decades ago. Thanks to the visibility of its performing stars, the projection of their achievements in all mediums of communication, the creamy layer of Indian sports is reaping the benefits of technology and dissemination of information.

We, SportsDeewana.com aiming to increase the viewership and enthusiasm of all sports through Social Media i.e Facebook, Twitter, YouTube Live etc.. to create the craze for this sport amongst the common people.

However, when it comes to regional level, state level or even national level games, our audience is absolutely unaware of the events.

The Sports Association of India conducts more than 100 games throughout the year. These are conducted all over the world, including India, Singapore, Malaysia, New Zealand, Australia and many more countries.

Apart from families and friends of the participants, we doubt if the country is aware of this fact. Which is why, we are coming forward to promote the sports from the grass root level.

Now, let us come to the popularity of the platform we would like to promote all sports in India via Social Networks.

Social Network platform receives over 265 million unique users every month only from India. Below are the statistical
data regarding the same -

  • YouTube Live has seen 40% increase in subscribers and 70% increase in duration of views.
  • Average time spent on YouTube Live is 3.5 minutes on mobile, 7.1 minutes on tablets and 34.5 minutes on desktop.
  • 67% of live video watchers are likely to buy tickets for the live event.
  • 82% of YouTube subscribers are engaged in watching sports.

India has started taking interest in sports apart from cricket in the past few years. If we live stream, we aim to increase the viewership of badminton and thus promote this game.

We truly aim to bring in the mind-set of the Indian sports viewers. The progress of the nation truly lies in excelling in every sport played across the world.

Since this is a sport people of all age groups will connect to, let us come forward to making every event as enthusiastic as cricket in India.

For better communication a common platform should be created so that every state gets aware of the tournaments and there is 100% participation.

To initiate the same we would like to create a common platform where all the tournaments will be telecasted live.


“If you don’t have confidence,
you’ll always find a way not to win.”
– Carl Lewis

“When people throw stones at you,
you turn them into milestones.”
– Sachin Tendulkar

“Good is not good when better
is expected.”
– Vin Scully

“I have only one talent.
I can work harder than anyone else.”
– Abhinav Bindra

“What do do with a mistake: recognize
it, admit it, learn from it, forget it.”
– Dean Smith

“If you want to achieve something
in life, you have to take risks.”
– Deepa Karmakar